It is moral clarity.

College educators take being fair and open-minded seriously. Those who work for non-profits and for the public sector are told repeatedly that we must be non-partisan when representing our institutions. Friends who work at public universities feel this rule most acutely. There are strong ethical reasons behind this rule, and they are thus written into the tax code.

You as the educator are there to provide facts, information, provocations, and your own interpretations and analysis to foster free thinking students who challenge you at every turn. But please do not let any person (let alone yourself)…

Imagine the poetic justice of our first Black woman Vice President casting the deciding vote in the Senate. Winning the two Georgia Senate seats won’t be easy, in part because the Republican strategy is so corrupt: they suppress votes, shamelessly lie about fraud, and attempt to overturn legitimate results to rally their base.

Our strategy must be as visionary and principled as theirs is debased.

When I ask friends to join a Walk the Walk 2020 zoom call, I often hear: 1) I’ve given to the Georgia Senate campaigns 2) I’m phone banking or writing postcards to GA. I answer…

Letter to the left: your two denials are in democracy’s way

Magical thinking and cynicism are two sides of the same coin: both are rooted in denial. Find the other way: informed, courageous action. To all those who woke up this morning in horror and disbelief that this election is so close, it’s not too late to be calm, press reset, and shift your agonizing to organizing.

Why are we here?

  • 1. Obviously, Republicans — but I will only outline, not dwell, here, as I hope instead to speak directly to all the well-meaning pro-democracy people on the left. This…

By Mishi Faruqee and Anoka Faruqee

Mary Jobaida in Jackson Heights DANIEL LEHRKAUPT

When we were 12 and 11 years old, our parents took us and our older brother to the National Mall to participate in the 20th anniversary of the historic March on Washington. Participating in a Black-led mass demonstration for racial justice was not the norm amongst our circle of comfortable Bangladeshi immigrant families in suburban Maryland. Yet, there we were, marching and chanting in a sea of people of all races and backgrounds honoring the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “No one is free until we are all free.”

Was it our parents’…

If your heart is with Warren, act now

It was not customary for a woman to go for a walk alone in the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad, Pakistan where my parents were living. When I did, the hostile looks I received made me feel both vulnerable and defiant, yet I stopped going on walks. As a Bangladeshi-American woman, I can imagine the justified fears that some people in the US have that they will be stopped, frisked, detained, or killed with impunity. I think about all the things one decides not to do. An unacknowledged consequence of rising authoritarianism is self-censorship.

Justine Andronici has written an insightful piece

Anoka Faruqee

Anoka Faruqee is a an artist and educator in New Haven, CT.

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